Together for psychological, moral and emotional support

Psychologists and coaches come together on this platform to provide concrete support in this extraordinary corona time. 

Here you will find people who offer you free mental, moral and/or emotional support for half an hour - by phone or video call.

You can also get inspiration from their websites and social media.


  1. Select a person from the list whom you would like to contact. On their profile you will see their topics and strengths, as well as the languages they speak and contact details.

  2. The first contact will be via e-mail, where you will make an appointment for your conversation.

  3. The conversation (via phone or video call) lasts 30 minutes, is free and without obligation. In this conversation, your contact person will try to help you as efficiently as possible and give you valuable tips.

  4. You have the possibility to write to several people on the list if you need another opinion or if you want to discuss another topic. To ensure that we have enough capacity for everyone, 30 minutes of conversation (free of charge) are possible per psychologist and coach.

  5. If you would like a more extensive consultation after these 30 minutes, you can contact your chosen psychologist or coach and book a longer consultation according to their individual rates. 


Psychologists & Coaches (English)


Dr. Annalisa Stefanelli

Psychologist FSP and Life Coach

  • New roles in everyday life

  • Emotion regulation

  • Social structures and dynamics

  • Personal development

  • Conscious parenting

  • Positive psychology

Languages: Deutsch, Italiano, English, Español

Katharina Isele

Master Business Coach, certified in potential-oriented coaching according to Dr. Bock 

  • Dealing with changes & crises

  • Modern forms of work (home office etc.)

  • Leadership in the working world 4.0 

  • Compatibility of work and family

Languages: Deutsch, Français, English

Tanja Wolf

Life Coach

  • Self-realization

  • Mastering challenging phases

  • Regaining ground after a crisis

  • Creating a life you love


Languages: Deutsch, English

Claudia Schmitdke

Life & Business Coach, Team Coach

  • Professional reorientation

  • Strength coaching

  • New work (mindset, tools, methods)

  • Modern leadership and team interventions (also remote) 

  • Dealing with uncertainty, crises & conflicts

  • Positive Psychology 


Languages: Deutsch, English, Español

Judith Kuijper

Intuitive life and corporate coach


  • emotional issues, spirituality

  • releasing limiting beliefs

  • inner journey work

  • stress, tools to manage life with more ease

  • relationships

  • setting boundaries, learning to say no

  • dealing with guilt

  • self-care and self compassion

  • big or small challenges you have that you wish to change


Languages: English, Dutch, (German)

Ekaterina Petrova

Life Design Coach, trainer and adult educator, MSc. BA


  • Stress Reduction

  • Self-worth

  • New orientation

  • Find your own resources in everyday life 

  • Personal development


Languages: German, English, Russian


Profile Ekaterina Petrova

Annette Nilsson

Life Coach & Philosopher


  • Changes 

  • Challenges

  • Life crises

  • burnt out

  • Expansion of the Comfort Zone 

  • Questions of meaning - what makes my life good and worth living?

  • Identity - how do I become who I want to be?


Languages: German, English, Dutch, Swedish

Alexandra von Muralt

Chief of client happiness 


  • Application/career advice

Languages: German, English

Regina Schlager

Systemic Coach, Vocation Coach, Coach Mindfulness and Embodiment, Focusing, Mag.


  • Reorientation, transitions, upheavals

  • Finding and living a vocation

  • Dealing with difficult feelings 

  • Setting healthy boundaries

  • Sustainable forms of life and work

  • Own rhythm and female leadership


Languages: German, English

Jessy Spaar

NLP trainer, transformation coach, feminine empowerment, mindset & yoga teacher

  • Overcoming fears

  • Mindset Work

  • Online yoga

  • Coachings

  • Online healing sessions 

Languages: German, English

Dr. Andrea Kaiser

Psychologist, wingwave coach, memory coach


  • reducing stress

  • regulating emotions

  • maintaining structures

  • keeping yourself fit

  • promoting quality of life


for people of all ages


Languages: German, English


Sibylle Mathys

Individual psychological counsellor AFI, psychosocial counsellor


  • Self-realization

  • Crisis management 

  • Career advice


Languages: German, English


Verena Tschudi

Career coach and mentor


  • Career and leadership coaching especially for women

  • Wage Negotiation

  • Gaining confidence

  • Mind Management

  • Life Balance

  • Setting and achieving goals

Languages: Deutsch, English, Español



Nadia Arnet

Life Coach​

  • Finding inspiration in times of social distancing

  • Work-life balance: live a fulfilled life

  • Efficiently working from home

  • Get unstuck and live your dreams: what is holding you back?

Languages: Deutsch, English, Italiano



Ramona Zimmermann

Life coach


  • Positive affirmations for success, health & happiness

  • Shadow work

  • Visualize your goals/desires with Vision Board 

  • Manifest goals/desires

  • The law of attraction

  • Online Coaching 


Languages: German, English



Manuela Bruggisser

  • Personality and career coach, certified wingwave coach 


  • Dealing with changes, stress, fears and blockages

  • Regulating emotions

  • Reducing stress

  • (Re)discover and activate resources

  • Finding balance with self-management

  • Personal development


For adults, children and young people


languages: German, Italiano, English



Martina Holzach

Psychologist, Contemplative Psychotherapy and Buddhist Psychology, Yoga teacher


  • Regulation of emotions

  • Mindfulness

  • Burnout and depression

  • Yoga and Meditation (online)

  • Buddhist psychology

  • Performance Psychology


Languages: German, English


Suse Schumacher

Psychologist, syst. Coach Positive Psychology, Psychodrama Practitioner, Hypno- and Natural Therapist


  • Fear and life crises

  • Pair Conflicts

  • Vocational re-orientation 

  • Strength coaching

  • Mindfulness

  • Mediation and imagination journeys for more serenity


Languages: German, English


Alfredo García

Certified Erickson Solution Focused Coach & Life Coach

Motivational Coach

  • Empowerment & Personal development

  • Online Coach

  • Sport Coach 

  • Network Marketing Mentor

  • Re-claim your power


Languages: English, Spanish, German

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